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Covid Grant Opportunities

Loans For Business

Name Eligibility How to Apply
Grow with Small Business Business Impacted by Covid Interest Free Loan https://ofn.org/googlesmallbiszfund
Main Street Lending Business with less than 10k employees, revenues less than $2.5 billion Contact me for applications to several banks
Express Bridge Loan Small Businesses (includes a COVID Expansion) SBA District Office
Express Loan Program Up to $350k SBA loan (approval resides as lender level) Contact me for applications to several banks
Mocroloans/Non-Profit Lending Up to $50k microloans - SBA Partnerships approval on the lender's side Different for each state
US Bank Quick Loan 2% lower than what you would normally quality $5k - $250k Phone or mobile app
US Bank Cash Flow Manager 1% lower than what your business would normally qualify $10k-$250k Phone or mobile app
WaFd Bank 0% for 90 days up to $200k https://www.wafdbank.com/
Small Business Success Loans Between $10 - $75k https://www.growthpartnersaz.org/small-business-success-loans/
Pestamos CDFI, LLC Microloans up to $25,000. First 6 months paid by SBA. https://prestamosloans.org/covidmicro/
Kiva Small Business Loans 0% interest loans for U.S. based entrepreneurs. https://www.kiva.org/borrow

Grants for Business

Name Eligibility How to Apply
Digitalundivided Black Women Business Owners https://www.digitalundivided.com/dooniefund
Facebook (not available in AZ) Have between 2 and 50 employees, been in business for over a year, Experienced challeges from Covid https://www.facebook.com/business/boost/grants
Local First Arizona Business 0-3 Employees https://www.localfirstaz.com/small-business-relief-fund
Save Small Business (out of money) Companies employing 3-30 people located in "vulnerable areas" https://www.savesmallbusiness.com/
Spanx Red Backpack Fund Women Owned small businesses affected by Covid Opens May 4 Register to be notifed https://www.globalgiving.org/redbackpackfund/
Verizon Covid 19 Recovery Fund Business impacted by Covid Round 1 is closed Register for Round 2
Verizon/Hello Allice Business impacted by Covid https://businessforall.helloalice.com/grant
Salesforce Care Small Business Grant business with between 2 and 40 employees, open for at least 2 years, between $250k and $5M in sales https://apply.salesforce.ureeka.biz/prog/ salesforce_small_business_grants_west/
NDN Covid-19 Response Project Indigenous Entrepreneurs Impacted by Covid https://ndncollective.org/covid-19/
LISC Grant Round 5 Open https://www.lisc.org/covid-19/small-business-assistance/small-business-relief-grants/frequently-asked-questions/
Small Business Relief Grant Small business (must not have received PPP funds)


Next round opens May 14th

Phoenix Small Business Relief Grant Up to $10,000 Phoenix Businesses that have experienced economic distress due to COVID https://www.azfoundation.org/GrantsLoans/SmallBusinessRelief.aspx
Phoenix Microbusiness Resiliency Grants Up to $5,000 microbusinesses, solo practicionersthat have experienced economic distress due to COVID https://www.azfoundation.org/GrantsLoans/MicrobusinessResiliencyGrant.aspx
APS Customer Support Fund Small Businesses that are two or more months past due can get a bill credit of $1000 https://www.aps.com/en/Residential/Save-Money-and-Energy/Disconnections?inf_contact_key=0eb7e29685e9b2d94d58121b9788708fd18a532c4142cb79caf2b269de1401fa
BBB Main St Matters https://mainstreetmatters.typeform.com/to/jDDvtk

Grants for Non-Profit

Name Eligibility How to Apply
OutRight Action International LGBTIQ Organizations impacted by Covid https://outrightinternational.org/applications-are-open-covid19-lgbtiq-emergency-response-fund
NEA Foundation Educator’s or education support professionals to address the social and emotional needs of educators, students, and students’ families https://www.neafoundation.org/for-educators/covid-rapid-response-grants/ 
Covid-19 Community Support Fund NonProfits in Southern AZ Impacted by Covid https://cfsaz.org/grants-scholarships/covid-19/
2020 Community Impact Gran NonProfit Groups in AZ 

By e-mail 


Arizona Covid 19 Community Fund NonProfits Impacted by Covid https://www.azfoundation.org/GrantsLoans/COVID-19ResourcesforNonprofits.aspx
NonProfit Hub Matching Funds Organization NonProfits ongoing fund raising to receive matching funds https://nonprofithub.org/givingtuesdaynow/

Grants for Individuals

Name Eligibility How to Apply
One Fair Wage Emergency Fund Restaurant Workers, Car Service Drivers, delivry Workers, Tipped Workers, Gig Workers https://ofwemergencyfund.org/
NEA Foundation Educator’s or education support professionals to address the social and emotional needs of educators, students, and students’ families https://www.neafoundation.org/for-educators/covid-rapid-response-grants/ 
Freelancers Relief Fund Up to $1,000 per household for any one that did frellance work for at least one year. https://www.freelancersunion.org/resources/freelancers-relief-fund/?ct=t(Shiftboard_IC_Form_162_1_2017_COPY_03)
Workers Slab Freelance and gig workers https://www.theworkerslab.com/the-workers-fund?hsCtaTracking=b6d87ad8-300a-4aae-8eb3-9f607111ea89%7C88ca7d55-2489-4127-a2cf-8cddbe960720
Restaurant Workers Restaurant Worker https://www.freelancersunion.org/resources/freelancers-relief-fund/?ct=t(Shiftboard_IC_Form_162_1_2017_COPY_03)
Apron Inc Restaurant Worker http://www.aproninc.org/application/
Greg hill Foundation Restaurant Worker https://rerf.us/apply-for-aid/
National Restaurant Association Restaurant Worker https://rocunited.org/relief/
Student Relief Fund Displaced by campus shut down https://www.studentrelieffund.org/for-students
First Responder's Children's Foundations helping first responder's needing to quarantine away from families, obtain masks or hand sanitizer, first responders that have experienced financial hardships https://1strcf.org/
Aassocia Care Relief grants to assist families in crisis http://www.associacares.org/request-assistance/

Business Ad-Credits or Free Services

Name Eligibility How to Apply
DataValidation Businesses impacted by Covid 6 months free datavalidation account https://blog.datavalidation.com/covid19/
Gadfly Project-Hosting Grant Business impacted by Covid fewer than 50 employees. Free Hosting for 6 months. http://www.thegadflyproject.org/covid.html
Google (Advertising grants) Business Owner No process. Setup a google ads account and it will be automatically added.
Yelp advertising credit Independently Owned Restaurant or Bar https://blog.yelp.com/2020/03/yelp-covid-19-response-and-support-for-local-businesses

Grant Search Sites

Name Eligibility How to Apply
211.org Individuals Assistance for Individuals to cover emergency needs. Go to 211.org or dial 211.
Grant Space All

Grant page listing grants for Covid. 


Covid 19 Grants - International Search Engine https://grantstation.com/covid-19-related-funding
Community Foundations NonProfits https://www.commfoundations.com/blog/2020/3/11/community-foundations-nationwide-launch-efforts-to-help-communities-affected-by-the-coronavirus
Relief Map https://www.appsheet.com/start/b623f7ad-9fc1-4f97-9d0e-f44983032d2a#appName=COVIDResource-1340872&page=dashboard& table=CASE+COVID19+Capital+Resources+for+Entrepreneurs& view=The+%23COVID19CapitalRelief+Dashboard

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