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Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching Services

What we do:

1.Analyze your existing finances 

 We are unable to make changes until we know where your at now. This includes a complete analysis of your debt, your income, your monthly budget, your retirement, your insurance and your bookkeeping systems. We also analyze your goals in order to make a plan to reach it.

2.  Suggest a plan that will work for you 

  • Analyze your budget to find ways to reduce your expenses – Sometimes it is hard to see where you can cut costs and that is where I come in. I have looked at so many budgets over the years, that I can almost instantly recognize areas that can be reduced so that you have more cash to achieve your financial goals.

How is Financial Coaching different from Financial Planning?

When it comes to Money Coaching, also known as Financial Coaching, I stay away from giving investment advice on specific securities, which is what Financial Planners primarily do. As a Money Coach I focus more on increasing your monthly cash flow so that you can achieve whatever your financial goals are (i.e. getting our of debt, establishing an emergency fund, freeing up money to invest, etc).

How often do we have coaching sessions?

We can meet as frequently as you would like. We can meet on a per session basis or I even have monthly packages where you have phone/email access to me. I usually recommend at least 3 sessions to establish a realistic plan and make sure that it is working for you and your family.

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